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New for 2017.

Here at GOLDCREST ARCHERS we like to  encourage archers in all that they do.

To that end we will be hosting a BRAND NEW tournament for NOVICE ARCHERS.


What is a Novice archer? we hear you say.

That will be someone with less than 2 years experience.


The aim ( if you pardon the pun ) Is to allow people new to the sport to experience tournament conditions in a relaxed way.

Please tell your friends, and share with your club.

ENTRY FORM can be downloaded by clicking this link .. 


test test test

10th Annual Open F.I.T.A./Metric Clout Record Status & Tassel Award Monday 5th May 2014

Print off an entry form and send it to us.

Goal Setting

Setting new archery goals


By Claudia Stevenson and Steve Ruis


Effective goal setting increases focus, motivation, direction, feelings of success, and self-confidence. All of that equals more fun! Helpful goals also have certain characteristics that Gould (1993) discusses in detail. They are as follow:

• Realistic yet challenging
• Specific
• Stated in the positive
• Stated actively, not passively
• Written down
• Evaluated periodically
• Individual commitment to reach goal
• Supported by significant others

Goals should be set for each season (both indoor and outdoor), reviewed each month, and changed to be more realistic or challenging when necessary. Goals should also be set for each day in practice, as well as each tournament. Daily goals depend on what you need to do at that time to reach your season goals. Using a daily training log, organized in a notebook with an attached pen, helps assure that you will develop this productive habit.

A very common mistake is to set only outcome goals and to forget about process goals. Outcome goals tend to focus on your place or score in a competition. Process goals focus more on immediate, here-and-now behaviors performed with each shot, or even between shots. They also include mental goals such as, I will take a deep breath before every shot in the elimination rounds. Process goals give you specific here-and-now things to focus on, whereas outcome goals are just things we hope to accomplish.

To be sure you are setting process goals, ask yourself, How will I accomplish that? For example, let’s say that one of your goals is to win your state championship. How will you accomplish that? Add another goal to answer this, such as, Place in the top three in all tournaments leading up to the state championship. How will you accomplish that? Goal: Increase my focus by 30 percent. How will you accomplish that? Goal: Focus on back tension and a relaxed bow hand. Take a deep breath before every shot. And so forth. Another common mistake is to neglect evaluating your progress toward your goals. Figure 6.5 is an example of a postcompetition evaluation. Evaluate your performance, physically and psychologically, after every tournament.

Part of goal setting is developing a mental program or a planned and specific way of incorporating mental skills training into practice and competition. If you forget this step, it is easy to forget about mind tuning altogether! Devote days of practice specifically to mind tuning. Make a refocusing plan to use at times in competition when you have lost your focus or when things are not going the way you had hoped. Write the plan down on index cards. Have it in your bow case or in your quiver for quick reference. Visualize yourself effectively using your plan. The refocus plan can be part of a precompetition mental plan that many archers have used to assure that they are physically and psychologically ready for a tournament.

Creating an Environment for Success

In addition to developing the mental skills just discussed, your practice environment is key in creating mind-tuning opportunities. Always practicing in “perfect” conditions is not adequate preparation for the pressures and distractions of competition. You should be shooting in the rain; in intense heat and freezing cold; in swirling, gusty winds blowing from the left, the right, behind, and head on. Shoot elimination rounds with lights, timers, and whistles. Be creative with other shooters and create pressures similar to competition, such as shooting for score with exaggerated distractions.

What about those days when you really, really don’t want to practice or it feels as though you’ve completely forgotten how to shoot? These are the best mental training days you’ll ever find. Stay positive, regardless of the scores. Don’t whine or blame. Shoot with enthusiasm and “fake it” if you must. Pretend to be confident. Attempt to be amused and entertained. Accept that some days are not how we’d like them to be. Practicing having this positive frame of mind will make it easier in challenging competitions.

One area to assess is your relationships (Coppel 1995; Hellstedt 1995 ). Are your parents or spouse putting too much pressure on you to win? Is your spouse upset at how much time you are spending away? Is your coach giving all of his attention to another student? Are the other kids in the JOAD program unjustly picking on, or ignoring, you? Another area to assess is the demands from other parts of your life, such as work deadlines, final exams, child-rearing responsibilities, potential divorce or the recent death of a loved one, medical complications, financial strain, the effects of drug abuse, depression, and other stressors.

If something in the environment is interfering, then it’s time to give it attention. It is also helpful to remember that you cannot control what occurs externally; you can only control your reaction to it. Not giving it your direct attention too often leads to reactions (e.g., frustration, anger, fatigue, burnout, loss of focus) that exacerbate the problem. Rather than be reactive, you can be proactive. You can take responsibility for what is yours to change and work to let go of what you cannot change.

Even though a problem lies outside of you, you must look at what you can do to address it. Blaming something or someone else does nothing to change it and only serves to make you see yourself as a victim. If you cannot change the situation, you can ask for help in coping with it, adopt a new perspective to change your reaction to it and thus your behavior, set more realistic goals that take into account the whole picture, or take time off.

Heightening Your Mental Toughness

Beyond practicing basic mental skills you may be interested in advanced mind tuning. This is suitable if you are competing at a high level, in a slump or experiencing a psychological condition such as target panic, experiencing a plateau but want to continue to improve, bored with just shooting arrows and feel no direction, or just interested or more psychologically minded by nature.

Great archers are extremely consistent in performance regardless of external circumstances. Whether shooting alone in their backyards or in front of thousands at the Olympics, they remain focused and repeatedly shoot the same shot over and over, one at a time. To do this requires precision of mental control practiced diligently over the years and a deep commitment to use all of the challenges that arise as opportunities to retrain the mind. Without some type of mind tuning, good archers cannot become great.

Just as awareness builds on what a good shot feels like and how to change a bad shot back to a good shot, a mentally tough archer builds awareness of a positive frame of mind and how to change a negative frame back to a positive one. For example, a good shooter knows almost immediately when something has changed in the execution of a shot: I dropped my bow hand, My string hand is tense, My back tension wasn’t right, and so on. Likewise, a mentally tough archer recognizes distraction and knows when to take a deep, slow breath, let go of frustration, and refocus on the cue word.

The following are what I call “perspectives of excellence” and are sure to help you pave your way to reaching your potential. Each addresses one critical aspect of the mental landscape of competition.

1. Redefine Winning and Embrace True Success

In a sport-crazed and competitive society such as the United States, it is difficult to get away from attitudes shown in expressions such as, First place is the only place, or, Second place is the first place loser. When you hear, How did you do? you assume the person is asking if you won, what place you got, or what your score was. This obsession with outcome is exactly what keeps many athletes from reaching their potential.

What does it really mean to win? A new definition is in order. Winning is personal. It happens when you overcome an obstacle within yourself. It is beating the very obstacles you often put in front of yourself. It is focusing on the process when all else says to focus on the outcome. It is persevering beyond where most are willing. It is continuing to love yourself despite being in “last place.”

In line with winning, society too often labels the winners as successful and the “losers” as, well, losers--unsuccessful failures who are looked down on as “not having what it takes.” We recognize true success, however, not by looking at how an archer shoots when the going is easy, but when it is challenging. Success is the ability to have fun no matter how seriously the sport is being taken. Success is learning from failure and adversity rather than allowing it to make you feel inferior or making excuses for it.

2. Change Your Perspective

Human beings like to be right, and that includes being right about their perspectives or their interpretations of why things are the way they are. Perspectives can keep us from moving forward, however, and are often worth changing. Seeing something in a new way has the power to change or shift what seemed impossible.

To take an example, if you have hit a performance plateau, are currently in a slump, or are experiencing target panic, then you are most likely frustrated, feeling a little helpless to change it, and wondering why in the world this is happening to you. What purpose does it have? Consider another perspective. Without eventually incorporating mental awareness into your game, you are not likely to reach your true potential. And, like most human beings, you aren’t going to do something until you have to. Thus, your plateau or slump or target panic is the very thing that can finally motivate you to explore the role of the mind. Perhaps your current frustration is less a frustration and more a gift. With this new perspective, your “problem” will probably still be frustrating, but there is purpose in it and you are no longer a victim of it. That perspective alone can make a huge difference and move you out of your problem more quickly.

3. Go With and Not Against Adversity

As aikido and many other martial arts teach us, we are much more likely to reach the results we want when we go with difficult situations and not against them. This attitude encompasses a gentle, forgiving approach to learning and making mistakes, rather than an aggressive, critical one. It emphasizes not taking anything personally, not anyone, any situation, or even ourselves. It underscores the importance of detaching ourselves from our emotions, good or bad, so we can remain objective, clear, and precise. Going with adversity means accepting ourselves for where we are (in this case, how we’re performing) while continuing to strive for excellence.

Good luck with your mental tuning. As Rick McKinney said in chapter 1, “competition . . . involves taking chances and learning, learning about your sport, but more important, learning about yourself.” If you take to heart some of the ideas in this chapter and incorporate them into your training, you may reach the next level!

This is an excerpt from Precision Archery.


Have a closer look at our photo's

Cheshire Indoor Competition

Goldcrest win medals at Cheshire Indoor Championships

Pea Gee’s Clout Tips

Every Month I will aim to give you tips and demonstations on how to organise and run a more stress free tournement. Images and videos of what I have found out over the years will be on here for you to have a look at. These tips make a Tournement / Competition run much more easier and safer.

If you have any questions about hosting/running/organizing or anything else to do with clout competition, please do not hesitate to email me at goldcrestarchers@hotmail.co.uk and I will do my best to give you all the help you need.

Tips of the Month


Clout Scoring Zones

Marking Clout Scoring Zones out in both Imperial and Metric shoots. To watch the video click here. Also images are of suggested methods on how to make the outside of a clout scoring zone.



Flags and Flag Poles

Watch my latest video here for the best tips on flags and flagpoles.



Clout ropes

Watch my latest video here for the best tips on clout ropes.


Ground Conditions

Selecting a perfect ground could be crucial from a hard unenjoyable shoot to a succesful great day. The correct ground plays an important role in clout as sometimes a ground can be riddled with stones, concrete or have a dry hard base. This can cause arrows to skid along the ground going way past the score zone or worse, damage the arrows. Watch my latest video here for the best tips on how to overcome a hard surface ground. Enjoy!

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Club Secretary: Tracy Cross
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Welcome to our website




ontarget is Archery GB's club development programme. Archery GB recognises the commitment and vital role that clubs play in growing the sport.  This ongoing programme will be the beginning of a new relationship, where Archery GB is able to offer structure and vision for club development and where ontarget will become a vital tool for archery to enhance clubs at a grass root level.

We at GOLDCREST are overjoyed and rightfully VERY proud to be awarded the OnTarget Club of the Year 2016

We strive to  promote the sport and encourage all our members to achieve their full potential.




Goldcrest Archers was a fledgling archery club that was set up 11.11.11. Now recognized as an established standard setting club. We are named after the UK's smallest bird and the club is busy and continuing to grow.          

In the heart of TAMESIDE we are easily located as we nest between the historic archery counties of CheshireLancashire, Derbyshire and West Yorkshire.

The club is all inclusive and all ability and members work together to help run the club for everyone's and the sport's benefit and promotion.

The club is affiliated to Archery GB,  Cheshire Archery Association and Northern Counties Archery Society.

The club has an indoor venue which consists of a full size shooting range which hosts eight targets allowing up to 16 archers to shoot at any one time.

Now with CCTV monitors of the targets for instant feedback to the archer if desired.

The venue has the added benefit of a separate training and beginners course workshop this enables the club to run continuous beginners courses therefore reducing the waiting time people may have experienced from other clubs.This separate workshop allows Goldcrest members to shoot almost 24/7 (just closed from 1am to 6am. In addition Goldcrest Archers have a quality outdoor venue that allows members to shoot all distances in target archery and most distances in clout archery. The club has members that are highly experienced in both archery disciplines.

We also have the added  benefit of an outdoor venue, at Fairfield School. Where we can shoot all outdoor rounds, members are able to shoot after school time and during holidays.( subject to commitments of Fairfield school ). A beautiful field  which we are very grateful to have the use of.

At Goldcrest Archers we are proud to have onboard a County level Qualified Coach and  two Level 1 Qualified Coach's who run the beginners courses and, with our enthusiastic members, we will help all archers develop and progress.

We are a supportive club which celebrates all our members' achievements from those shooting National Records and County Records to those members who enjoy the social side of archery.

And most important of all, a caring club that always has a welcoming smile to members and visitors!






“Ontarget is Archery GB’s club development programme. Archery GB recognises the commitment and vital role that clubs play in growing the sport. A strong and healthy network of clubs is essential if archery is to grow and flourish. This ongoing programme will be the beginning of a new relationship, where Archery GB is able to offer structure and vision for club development and where ontarget will become a vital tool for archery to enhance clubs at a grass root level.”  - ArcheryGB website

Since becoming an On target club, Goldcrest has been very  active in the programme. We are proud of our club and its  members and this has been reflected in the club being awarded the Community Specialism

As we have said above, we are a very supportive club, and we are very proud of being an Ontarget club, and being awarded the Community Specialism by Archery GB

we want all our members to enjoy the sport.

More and more, we hear of people giving up their archery because they've become disillusioned.


What do we mean?

People who are disillusioned have lost their illusions. This is usually meant in a negative way, as disillusioned people tend to be a little bitter.

When you're disillusioned, you're wiser but not necessarily happier, you've learned from experience that life and your archery isn't always how you'd like it to be.

There comes a time in life when you walk away from all the drama and the people who create it.

Surround yourself with people ( or a club ) who make you laugh, forget the bad, focus on the good. Life is too short to be anything but happy.



Maybe you have been at an archery club, which has been good fun for a number of years, and slowly but surely, that fun has ebbed away, until such point that you stopped going.

You lost the love for the sport.


At Goldcrest, we want you to get that love back.

Maybe you've just been doing the same thing over and over again,never changing.


Somebody once said ....  " If you always do what you've always done; You'll always get what you've always got"


 We can help. The time to change is NOW.


We can offer .....

·        one to one coaching,

·        a friendly welcome,

·        a supportive club,

·        a chance to try other forms of archery, such as field and clout.






We want people to be happy in the sport that they have chosen to do,

                                     Don't give up. Help is here.



Please email: gogoldcrest@outlook.com  or use the contact us at the top of  the page,






At Goldcrest we can also offer: 

  • Beginner Courses
  • Taster Sessions
  • 'Have a Go' Sessions
  • Team Building
  • Group Parties
  • And Much More!

Check out Pea Gee's Tips for everything you need to know about Clout



Nowt but Clout

Is your equipment in need of an overhaul or out of date??

Goldcrest can provide you with all your needs:

Flags £4 each Flag Pole imperial £1
Flag Pole F.I.T.A
Clout Scoring Ropes (none stretch) Imperial £21
F.I.T.A + Metric Scoring Ropes (none stretch) £26
(Please note all scoring ropes have a metal ring this comes as an added bonus so the ropes can be easily removed after scoring.)
Scoring Rope Tension Pole £3 (Including hook to attach rope) Full Package £28 imperial
Full Package £34 F.I.T.A + Metric

All plus postage and packing or please contact me and i can bring them along to a shoot for collection.

* Only a Very few left,..... will NOT be making anymore once all gone. 

Check out Pea Gee's Tips for everything you need to know about Clout

Rankings from 2017 Now posted 

Rankings from 2016

Imperial click HERE

Metric click Here

Combined click HERE





  Clout Shoots 2018





AOER WA CLOUT   Here here


Here here
TRI CLOUT - DAY 1.  GNAS TWO WAY Here Here here
TRI CLOUT - DAY 2. GNAS ONE WAY Here Here here
TRI CLOUT - DAY 3. FITA CLOUT Here Here here



  Here here

                             ** Dates and entry forms to be added when they are available

              ISSUE NUMBER                 CLICK TO DOWNLOAD




Tri-Clout Weekend

Tri-Clout  -  What is it ???

Well it's the only 3 day archery tournament that holds all 3 types of clout rounds, with each one having tassel and record status titles. It's held at Neston Company of Archers ground at Neston on the Wirral. It's a great chance for archers to try their skills at clout and also a good stepping stone towards their clout ranking (more details about the rankings for clout can be found on the Northern Counties Archery Society website).

Saturday features the 2 way double clout, Sunday is a one way double clout, which also hosts the Cheshire County and Open Championships, as well as the English Archery Federation  clout championships.

Then on Monday it's the FITA and Metric clouts, so there's lots to aim for - 6 national records, 3 possible tassel badge claims and of course 2 separate 6 clout end badges.

If any juniors enter the JAWS award scheme, then there's a bag full of points to be gained as well.

Neston allows on-site camping and the night time entertainment is something to be remembered (if you can).

Medals and trophies are awarded throughout the event, with some very nice trophies up for grabs in the supreme archers award category. This award is available to any archer shooting all 3 days using the same bow type on all 3 days, be it recurve, barebow, longbow or compound. There are awards for both seniors and juniors.

So why not bring the family and have a great long weekend. There are lots of local places of interest to visit (and shopping) for those who do not shoot and if you are not into camping there are plenty of B & B's nearby.

Further details and the entry forms are available on the Cheshire Archery Assocation website. For further details please contact the tournament organiser Peter Gregory on 0161 351 0013 or email




Another first took place at the Tri Clout weekend, August bank holiday at Neston, not only did we hold the very first record status and tassel shoot run by traffic lights but a trial run was held using an X as part of the scoring.

I thought I’d trail this as an experiment to help decide a tie, with the ever increasing skills amongst our clout archers and increasing scores, sooner or later the score for a WA/Metric clout will be near maximum on a regular basis, the score sheets included an X this was made clear at assembly that it still counts as a five (not a 10 or a 6 ha ha).

This also meant that a sixth colour sergeant was needed, there is plenty of room to fit two people within a 1.5 meter zone, everyone I spoke to on the day agreed that it was a great idea and we should run this way in the future.

I have emailed archery GB to inform them of my idea and told them I would be trailing it and asked them for some feedback but like with most things regarding clout it’s always watch this space and don’t hold your breath.

So can I please ask tournament organisers to continue with the X’s and get this established, if you want a copy of a score sheet please feel free to use the one on Goldcrest Archers Website....http://goldcrestarchers.co.uk/achievements

or just click HERE

Keep up the good shooting yes

Mr Clout


Horn Trophys

I first came across these stags horns whilst walking in Lyme Park. They were just lay in the grass waiting for me to pick them up. I took them home and put them in a cupboard, there they stayed for around 6 years. Geoff Trimble from Wirral archers asked me at the Cheshire clout Champs in 2010 if there was any chance I could arrange a trophy for a longbow team – Guess WHAT? Yes I can I told him. So over the winter time I set about a design and got on with it. 7 pieces of Oak make up the stand which I shaped and grooved to take the shape of the horns, 6 coats of varnish and loads of name plates make this a trophy Worth shooting for, because they are a pair I thought I’d use one for the Cheshire FITA clout in May and the other for the Cheshire Imperial clout in August which is part of the Tri-Clout weekend, any Longbow team can enter , May 2011 winners went to Kettering archers, Dave Burnett and Russ Chicken Chops Duffin and they also won the other in August, well-done to them both for a great score, the trophies are up for grabs once again this year 2012, but looking at the Photos would you like to challenge them ?? I am sure if your team shot well and beat them they would kindly hand them over, but don’t bet on it. They are fine Bowmen!!
If you fancy your chances and can put together a team then come along and have a great day, entry forms are on the Cheshire website

Shoot Well and Enjoy the Sport.


What We Offer

We strive to make our club and sport accessible, inclusive and affordable and cater for archers of all ages and abilities. We are a very friendly Club and believe in success through harnessing the power of our members, volunteers and community.

Our aim is simply to help everyone to achieve their full potential!

That may be recreational or performance level, it applies to archers, volunteers and coaches.This aim targets both technical and personal development and applies to all our members and to all those we interact with in our community!

We strive to be more than just a sports club!

Nobody can deny that our progress, from a fledgling club only 6 years ago, and  results our members have achieved , has been nothing less than impressive. This is down to the hard work we put in and the way we have adapted to today’s challenges.

Our willingness to be progressive & creative and our determination not to be constrained by convention will inevitably mean we do not get everything right but when that is the case we learn from it!

This is what developing potential is about and for some this may not be what they are looking for so we would advise perspective new members to visit other clubs in the area as well and see what works for them!

Thinking of taking up Archery?

What you think you're paying for.

 To learn to shoot a Bow & Arrow.

What you're Actually paying for.

A Life Coach
 A Psychologist
 A Mentor
 An Inspirer
 A Supporter
 A Friend
 A Problem Solver
 A Stress Reliever
 Being Encourage to Believe in your self
 A Personal Trainer
 Strength & Flexibility
 Being Taught Personal Victory
 Someone who encourages you and your children to have Respect, Patience, Humility, Discipline, Perseverance, Empathy, Courtesy, Listening Skills and Loyalty just to name a few.
 Being taught how to work hard & enjoy life
 Being accountable for your actions
 Being encouraged to Set Goals and to Reach your Goals
 Someone who helps build Emotional strength and emotional Stability
 Someone who will pick you up when you're down, remind you of your worth and stand by you
 Knowledge, Wisdom, and Training opportunity, Training equipment and a Safe Secure Archery range to practice in 24/7
 Someone who has spent over 25 years 'practicing' the sport

Still think you're paying too much to learn to shoot a Bow & Arrows?

Would a plumber, a baker or candlestick maker, doctor, lawyer, mechanic or psychologist offer all of the above in addition to their regular service they charge for?
We think not.

Use the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of the page to arrange your beginners course or ask any questions archery related.

We also have a FaceBook page with lots of information. Just click the link HERE

Ever Thought of Trying Archery in a Different Way?

At Goldcrest Archery we like to promote all forms of archery as much as we possibly can, especially those not as well known as target archery such as Clout and Field . 

Goldcrest Archers can offer you the chance to experience and enjoy these two very different styles of shooting. 

For those of you who seem to spend time searching for arrows in the grass, perhaps you should have a go at Clout.  Target archers do not normally understand the fun of Clout, many say that it is impossible for their bows to reach the distance required and many just do not understand the fun and camaraderie of competing in a Clout competition. 

You would not normally dream of applauding an archer for getting six arrows on the target however if you have six scoring arrows for clout this is a good reason for applause.

Clout shooting is said to have started by bowmen carrying their longbows to Church on Sundays. After the service they were obliged by law to practice at the butts usually in a field in close proximity to the Church. In order to amuse themselves on their way to Church, they would choose random targets to shoot at during the walk into the town or village. A bush, a clump of grass, a stick etc.

The word clout originated from the Viking word “clud”, or piece of cloth.

Originally the target was therefore represented by a stick in the ground with a piece of white cloth over it. Today we still use a stick but with a flag attached. This is the very Centre of the target and is called the "Clout". Circles are drawn on the ground at intervals of 18 and 36 inches ( archery GB ) or 1.5m ( World archery.) The scoring is 5  for the clout, 4 for the first circle, then  3, 2, 1, for succeeding circles going outwards from the clout itself.

Its Great fun, and something that we Hartley recommend you try.



If you’ve never done field archery, we think you will find it a refreshing change from target archery.

Field archery is a little like archery’s version of golf. The idea is that you follow a course, usually set out in woodland. You shoot each target once, and they may be up or down hill, or otherwise hindered in some way. 

Rounds are either Marked or un-marked distances, the later being the more difficult..

The engaging thing about field archery is it makes you think carefully about every shot. Because every shot is unique, you have to decide where you ought to aim based on perceived distance, gradient, angle, obstacles and so on. There is no shooting ‘on autopilot’, as can happen in target archery.

The fact that each target is open to interpretation and judgment is a great leveler.

If you have the opportunity to have a go at field archery  we  think you will find it enjoyable.

It is very easy to get in a routine with your shooting. One way to break the routine is to try different forms of archery – maybe by attending a field shoot, or a clout.

Please note that Goldcrest Archery does not endorse the hunting of living animals. Target archery is a discipline drawn from a shared cultural heritage.  All members at Goldcrest Archery respect and promote the countryside, its protection and preservation, wildlife welfare and rights.

If you go down in the woods today     If you go down in the woods today