China Visits Goldcrest Archers

Friday 29th January 2016

Saturday 23rd January saw 30 chinese students visit Goldcrest Archers for the day to experience archery, the day started at 9.30am with first of three groups, enjoying what was their very first step into the world of archery, not one student had ever pulled a bow or shot an arrow before, they were in for a treat.
The first group to teach was quite a challenge as we needed an interpreter to explain what we wanted the students to do, once we got over the language barrier it was full steam ahead.
Four coaches and two Goldcrest members helped out all day, the student organiser whose name was Roger Luo came to see us after he had made arrangements with Bruntwood Archers who were also going to teach a group for Rodger, Steve Ash asked if Goldcrest would help out as they needed to experience archery while they enjoyed their holiday in the UK over from China, we were glad to help as always.
Each group started on a fiberglass one piece bow then moved up to recurve shooting barebow style, popping balloons and having fun, towards the end of the session we held a competition to find the best three archers of each group, all the visitors were presented with a certificate and a club badge and the top three were awarded a trophy.