Eagle Bowmen Weekend of Clout 2015

Monday 15th June 2015

This year saw another fantastic turnout  from our cloub, 

as ever camping fun and games proceded the actual shoot from the Friday until the conclusion on the Sunday.

Saturday saw a double one way imperial, and a double one way metric clout with a double imperial two way on the sunday.

For a change, the rain stayed away ( mostly ) and as ever, the wind was changable, making shooting tricky.

Goldcrest won several medal's and trophys with Mick White being the shining star with a clean sweep and best overall Recurve Champion.


Well done and congratulations to all our winners, and those taking part.

See you at the next clout?


Photo's from the clout can be found in the 'Gallery' Page or on our FaceBook page


Results can be found by clicking this link HERE