What We Offer

We strive to make our club and sport accessible, inclusive and affordable and cater for archers of all ages and abilities. We are a very friendly Club and believe in success through harnessing the power of our members, volunteers and community.

Our aim is simply to help everyone to achieve their full potential!

That may be recreational or performance level, it applies to archers, volunteers and coaches.This aim targets both technical and personal development and applies to all our members and to all those we interact with in our community!

We strive to be more than just a sports club!

Nobody can deny that our progress, from a fledgling club only 6 years ago, and  results our members have achieved , has been nothing less than impressive. This is down to the hard work we put in and the way we have adapted to today’s challenges.

Our willingness to be progressive & creative and our determination not to be constrained by convention will inevitably mean we do not get everything right but when that is the case we learn from it!

This is what developing potential is about and for some this may not be what they are looking for so we would advise perspective new members to visit other clubs in the area as well and see what works for them!

Thinking of taking up Archery?

What you think you're paying for.

 To learn to shoot a Bow & Arrow.

What you're Actually paying for.

A Life Coach
 A Psychologist
 A Mentor
 An Inspirer
 A Supporter
 A Friend
 A Problem Solver
 A Stress Reliever
 Being Encourage to Believe in your self
 A Personal Trainer
 Strength & Flexibility
 Being Taught Personal Victory
 Someone who encourages you and your children to have Respect, Patience, Humility, Discipline, Perseverance, Empathy, Courtesy, Listening Skills and Loyalty just to name a few.
 Being taught how to work hard & enjoy life
 Being accountable for your actions
 Being encouraged to Set Goals and to Reach your Goals
 Someone who helps build Emotional strength and emotional Stability
 Someone who will pick you up when you're down, remind you of your worth and stand by you
 Knowledge, Wisdom, and Training opportunity, Training equipment and a Safe Secure Archery range to practice in 24/7
 Someone who has spent over 25 years 'practicing' the sport

Still think you're paying too much to learn to shoot a Bow & Arrows?

Would a plumber, a baker or candlestick maker, doctor, lawyer, mechanic or psychologist offer all of the above in addition to their regular service they charge for?
We think not.

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Ever Thought of Trying Archery in a Different Way?

At Goldcrest Archery we like to promote all forms of archery as much as we possibly can, especially those not as well known as target archery such as Clout and Field . 

Goldcrest Archers can offer you the chance to experience and enjoy these two very different styles of shooting. 

For those of you who seem to spend time searching for arrows in the grass, perhaps you should have a go at Clout.  Target archers do not normally understand the fun of Clout, many say that it is impossible for their bows to reach the distance required and many just do not understand the fun and camaraderie of competing in a Clout competition. 

You would not normally dream of applauding an archer for getting six arrows on the target however if you have six scoring arrows for clout this is a good reason for applause.

Clout shooting is said to have started by bowmen carrying their longbows to Church on Sundays. After the service they were obliged by law to practice at the butts usually in a field in close proximity to the Church. In order to amuse themselves on their way to Church, they would choose random targets to shoot at during the walk into the town or village. A bush, a clump of grass, a stick etc.

The word clout originated from the Viking word “clud”, or piece of cloth.

Originally the target was therefore represented by a stick in the ground with a piece of white cloth over it. Today we still use a stick but with a flag attached. This is the very Centre of the target and is called the "Clout". Circles are drawn on the ground at intervals of 18 and 36 inches ( archery GB ) or 1.5m ( World archery.) The scoring is 5  for the clout, 4 for the first circle, then  3, 2, 1, for succeeding circles going outwards from the clout itself.

Its Great fun, and something that we Hartley recommend you try.



If you’ve never done field archery, we think you will find it a refreshing change from target archery.

Field archery is a little like archery’s version of golf. The idea is that you follow a course, usually set out in woodland. You shoot each target once, and they may be up or down hill, or otherwise hindered in some way. 

Rounds are either Marked or un-marked distances, the later being the more difficult..

The engaging thing about field archery is it makes you think carefully about every shot. Because every shot is unique, you have to decide where you ought to aim based on perceived distance, gradient, angle, obstacles and so on. There is no shooting ‘on autopilot’, as can happen in target archery.

The fact that each target is open to interpretation and judgment is a great leveler.

If you have the opportunity to have a go at field archery  we  think you will find it enjoyable.

It is very easy to get in a routine with your shooting. One way to break the routine is to try different forms of archery – maybe by attending a field shoot, or a clout.

Please note that Goldcrest Archery does not endorse the hunting of living animals. Target archery is a discipline drawn from a shared cultural heritage.  All members at Goldcrest Archery respect and promote the countryside, its protection and preservation, wildlife welfare and rights.

If you go down in the woods today     If you go down in the woods today